What is Magician Business

We are a couple of kids / family magicians from different sides of the world who share common passions of making audiences laugh, using the internet to generate income for our families and encouraging others, by example, to fulfill their ambitions.
This site is about sharing that vision sharing the ideas and the concepts that work in the same way as the magicians when I was young shared the secrets of magic with me.

PPC for Magicians

Magic Tap

Setup, manage and measure successful Google Adwords campaigns. For magicians by magicians.

GMD Formula

GMD Formula

Professional children’s magician Ken Kelly shares the perfect recipe for entertaining kids. The GMD Formula – Inclusive, non-elimination games explained.


Build Your Magic Show

Build a successful children’s/family magic show that works for all ages and all conditions.

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80% of what your booker remembers when they visit your website is visual. This means your images, graphics and the videos are your most effective tools to covert browsers into bookers.

Colette Kelly is a professional photographer with a special skill. Colette has been photographing magic shows and magicians for over a decade and she has discovered the formula for catching the emotion of the show in an image. Colette shows us how certain images create an subconscious buying desire and how you can use them to get bookings.

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Zivi Kivi is a magician from Israel who shows magicians how to raise their fees

How To Raise Your Fees For Professional Magicians


Without a doubt the topic of how to raise your fees as a professional magician is one of the most talked about and yet it is likely the least acted upon.

Israel magician Zivi Kivi (Zivi Raviv) has doubled his performing fees within 5 years and here he shares what he calls his Champion Building System that turns bookers into brand evangelists by giving them the tools to sing your praises as a performer.

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Smart Marketing For Magicians

Are You Squeezing The Most From Your Bookings?

In this episode we talk about:

We’re seeing 2 common themes emerging:

  1. People only spend an hour a week doing marketing so  they don’t get work so they lower their prices then it is a big chase to the bottom.
  2. They are spending lots of time doing the wrong stuff, year in/year out.

We like to say are you spending time on the hamster wheel going round and round in circles or are you d [click to continue…]

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