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Ep 44: Fundraising Magic with John Kaplan

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher! Fundraising Magic Shows with John Kaplan Learn the system that turns family fun into thousands of dollars for Schools and Community groups and creates an income for magicians

Ep 43: Publicity Stunts For Magicians with Joe Diamond

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher! Publicity Stunts For Magicians with Joe Diamond Feeding a Hungry Media The Sensationalism They Thrive On What are publicity stunts and where can they benefit magicians? Magician Joe Diamond shares his tips on capitalizing on the media’s insatiable need for content.

Ep 42: Restaurant Gigs For Magicians with David Ranalli

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher!   Restaurant Gigs For Magicians A Discussion on Getting Booked For Restaurant Magic David Ranalli started young performing magic in restaurants. From age 14 he has been table hopping building up strong work practices and an appreciation of the restaurant industry and how magicians can better position themselves to get the most value…

Ep41: The Business of Fairs and Festivals with Kevin Heller

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher!     The Magic Business of Fairs and Festivals with Kevin Heller Opening up new markets for your magic by letting your mind get some fresh air and fresh ideas.   When you are talking about getting to know someone new you often hear it’s what’s on the inside that counts. If you…